"You are a valuable person through the 
gift of Christ"
 Pastor Ron
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We seek to obey Christ's Great Commission and be accountable to one another. We seek to follow the leaders Holy Spirit provides. We reflect on what matters to Christ.  Remembering the words of Christ helps us focus on what we need to be doing as a church to please God. We pray to grow numerically and spiritually so we practice accountability. We want to baptize new believers in Christ. 

We seek to find ways to help our oikos connect with God's friendship in Jesus. We look for ways to attract families to Christ. We recognize that the forms by which we have shared Christ’s friendship may need to change in order to communicate understanding to a new generation. We also recognize that Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Innovation means that we make sure that the gift of Christ is not missed by our community; therefore, we are open to new ways to communicate the truth of Christ.

We seek to value others the way God values us in Christ. We dearly attach ourselves to God’s free gift that saved us in Christ. God purchased our freedom from sin through Christ’s sacrifice. We don’t deserve this gift. Christ is providing us with help through Holy Spirit to fully trust God. We seek to practice this mercy in order to reach out with love to invite others to seek Christ. We remind ourselves constantly that we are saved by the unmerited favor of God in Christ. We are developing the habit of applying to ourselves and others the labels given to us by God through Christ. (Saved, Forgiven, Righteous, Growing, and Valuable.)

We  AIM To  Make  Followers  For  Christ Who Make Followers For Christ.  We pray that the  AIM standards will be experienced by persons as the dominant character of Cordova Baptist Church.
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